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Living a Life according to God’s Heart and Will

“He then has said, ‘Behold, I have come to do Your will.'” (Heb. 10:9)

“I exhort you therefore, brothers, through the compassions of God to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable service.” (Rom. 12:1)

God’s great will in His New Testament economy, God’s good pleasure, the counsel of His will, and His purpose are to have a Body for the enlargement and expression of Christ, the embodiment of the processed Triune God.

For the church life, the life of the Body of Christ, to be realized, our entire being is needed; a presented body, a transformed soul, and a burning spirit are indispensable to a proper church life. We need to present our bodies as a living sacrifice for the church life. After presenting our body, we need to have our mind renewed. We must be burning in spirit that we may be stirred up and encouraged to go on in the church life in a positive way. (The Will of God, msg. 4, II, IV.B, B.1,2,3)

Please pray for all the saints to be in God’s will and live a life in God’s will by presenting their bodies, being renewed in their mind, and being burning in spirit.

“The Heavens Do Rule” (Dan. 4:26b)

“I, Nebuchadnezzar… blessed the Most High, and I praised and honored the ever-living One; for His dominion is an eternal dominion… He does according to His will in the army of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth.” (Dan. 4:34-35)

The Lord is not only the Creator of the universe but also the Ruler of the entire world. There is the rule of the heavens on earth. Whatever happens in the world situation must be something of the Lord. When we see the many changes in today’s world situation, we have to wake up. Our eyes need to be opened. We should exercise our spirit to say, “Lord, what do You mean in all these changes, and what concerns us in all these changes?” (The World Situation and the Direction of the Lord’s Move, ch. 1)

Lord, show us what concerns us and what You are trying to do among us in our daily life, our contact with other saints, our gospelizing, and our meeting life.

Persevering in Prayer

We are happy to announce that http://beseeching.org is getting a major update to help the saints and churches in North America, especially those in the United States, to continue building up the prayer ministry of the church. It will be a completely new site to help the saints persevere in daily intercessory prayer, and continue on from the 60 days of global 24-hour prayer that ended in May. To that end, daily prayer burdens and hymns on prayer will be added to the website, along with corresponding verses.

Daily prayer burdens will be emailed to subscribers beginning June 15. The first 14 days will cover the recent Memorial Day conference on “A Timely Word concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Recovery.” The prayer burdens from the previous version of the website will be located in the Pray tab under Special Burdens. You can also follow the Beseeching accounts on Facebook (beseeching.org) and Instagram (@beseeching.org_) to see the daily prayer burdens.

May all the saints in the Lord’s recovery continue to persevere in prayer that He may gain His interests on the earth!

SoCal Chinese-speaking Gospel Meeting

The Chinese-speaking saints in Southern California will have their semiannual gospel meeting this Saturday, June 20, in two sessions: 5 to 6 pm and 7 to 8 pm. Zoom ID: 876 8095 5363.

Please ask the Lord:

  • to burden saints to pray and to invite their gospel friends;

  • for the release of the Spirit that many will receive the Lord; and

  • to cover all aspects of the meeting, that the meeting will be carried out smoothly and in one accord.

SSOT 2020

We are now in the second week of this year’s Summer School of Truth, which is being carried out SoCal-wide via Zoom. Over 150 saints from LA are participating, including more than 80 young people. May the Lord use these three weeks from June 6 to 27 to encourage our YP and lead them to know the truth (John 8:32). Please continue to pray:

  • for the Lord to gain the hearts of the YP to pursue Him during these weeks;

  • for the serving ones to have a heart of love and wisdom to take care of the YP;

  • for the group times to be blessed with mutuality, openness, and building; and

  • for the Lord to blend the YP across LA and Southern California.

SoCal College Life Pursuit

The college students in Southern California are heading into the second two-week session of a summer program called Life Pursuit 2020. In this program, the students participate in online workshops to develop both a rich inner life with the Lord and meaningful relationships with others. Additionally, there is an option for students to join project teams, where they work on projects related to the Summer School of Truth or producing online content to reach unbelievers and seeking Christians on their campuses.

Please pray for our college students to:

  • present themselves for every workshop to hear the Lord’s speaking;

  • develop their personal fellowship with the Lord and corporate enjoyment with companions;

  • be perfected and equipped to serve their generation.

North America College Training – registration extended

This summer, July 9 to 19, the North America College Training will take place online. Registration has been extended to June 28. The topic is “Samuel the Nazarite.” We believe that in the midst of the upheaval in the world situation, the Lord will speak a special word to all participants. Please pray that the Lord will call many students to not delay but sign up right away, and to be today’s Nazarites, separated and consecrated unto the Lord, to meet His present need!


  1. Morning Revival: The Will of God (March 2020 ITERO), week 4.

  2. Updated interim guidelines for in-person group meetings are posted at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/covid19. We will proceed slowly, cautiously, in loving care for one another. Guidelines for larger meetings will be added but we do not yet know when.

  3. Giving to the church at this time now includes a new online option though Zelle, see instructions at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/members/offerings.

  4. The European Young People’s Conference is online, Saturday, June 20, Friday July 31 to Monday, August 3, and Saturday, August 29. Registration has reopened until June 14 at 4:59 pm. The Family Conference will be June 26 to 28. Details are at http://ypconference.eu.

Online Resources

  1. The Church in Los Angeles has a YouTube channel to show videos from recent gatherings, such as gospel meetings and midweek perfecting fellowships. http://youtube.com/churchinlosangeles

  2. A Timely Word of Supply to meet the present need from messages given by Brother Lee is posted each week on LSM’s website. http://www.lsm.org/timely-speaking.html

  3. The Bible Tells Me So is posting daily videos on weekdays to help foster a “Family Time” in each household. http://www.thebibletellsmeso.com/familytime

  4. LSM Webcast is offering access at a reduced subscription rate until June 30. http://www.lsmwebcast.com