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Los Angeles

The joint meeting of the church in Los Angeles with the annual business meeting will be Lord’s Day, May 6, at 10 a.m. at L.A. Mission College. Pray for the Lord to release all to attend and to exercise their spirit to enter into the reality of blending.

Speaking Outside the Church Meetings

Outside the church meetings, we can speak to new believers related to us, to unsaved relatives and friends, and to Christians not meeting with us. For this speaking we should learn the truths in the Bible, especially the truths about Christ. As we are learning, we should be speaking. We should not wait. Our practice will cause us to improve. If we are willing to speak, let us give ourselves to the Lord for a fresh beginning. Then each time we speak we will learn and be encouraged. Lord, take us on in this way!

We should also make a list of people and pray over the list with companions. Although the list may be long, in prayer the Lord will anoint us to speak first to certain people on the list. We can continue praying and speaking repeatedly, not seeking a quick response. Our responsibility is to release the truth and to minister life; only the Lord can give the growth.

Sixth Grade Conference

The Southern California Sixth Grade Conference is May 4–6. We will have 17 sixth graders and 13 serving ones going from Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks. There will be 124 sixth graders at the conference.

  • Please pray that the Lord would be so real, so fresh to all these dear sixth graders.
  • Pray that He would appear to each one of them so that they will fall in love with Him.
  • Pray that they would confess their sins and touch the Lord with their spirit.
  • Pray that they all would experience a dynamic salvation that they would never forget.

Korean-Speaking Gospel Report

We invited 80, who we were contacting in our prayer and preaching and shepherding this year, to our gospel feast on April 28th. Praise the Lord, 162 attended including 65 new ones; this is really the Lord’s blessing for His Body. We all enjoyed the fattened calf that was prepared by our Father for lost lambs. And we felt the sweeping Spirit in our contacts when we met them in this feast. At the end of this meeting we had these new ones pray for their salvation and they followed us and gained the Lord’s blessing. Now the Lord’s intent is gaining them as remaining fruits. Our goal is at least 60 new remaining fruits in this year. Please pray for our next step, which is feeding our babies in each small group. We never forget this step “go and feed Lord’s lambs.”

Santa Monica

Lord, thrust out some couples or families to Santa Monica soon to begin an English-speaking group there (while also having fellowship with the Spanish-speaking groups).

Santa Barbara

Please pray for 1) migration of young couples or families who have experience with college students and 2) gaining of local families with homes open to church life.

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is one of the 2012 GTCA cities. On May 5 and 6, Nebraska saints plan to have a BfA table at the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Omaha to distribute free English and Spanish Recovery Versions and Basic Elements of the Christian Life. Over 55,000 people are expected to attend. Please pray that the Lord would bless the sowing of His Word during this event and that He would reach many with the printed materials. Also, please pray that the saints would enjoy a harmonious coordination and one accord in their going out to distribute the free materials and in the follow-up labor thereafter.


Another series of four one-week trainings at Bower House, London is being conducted 30 April to 26 May. The general subject will be “The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery: Truth, Life, the Church, and the Gospel.” Please pray for the perfecting of many saints from all over Europe through these trainings.

Full Time Training in Caacupe, Paraguay

A group of full-timers from São Paulo, Brazil recently visited FTT Caacupe (http://www.etc-c.org). During this time of fellowship with the 16 trainees, the burden came out for the need of more saints in every South American country to give themselves to be trained. Please pray for the Lord to open the way for many young people to be released with the support of the local churches. Also, please pray for the current trainees to be supplied throughout the term and to be adequately trained.

Paris Conference Report

Over 200 saints and new ones filled the conference hall. The topic was “The Heart of the Divine Revelation” from the International Chinese-speaking Conference in Taipei. Many new ones being shepherded by the campus team and by the saints, and especially many college-age. Over 20 saints—most of them younger—testified at the end of the conference that they had seen a vision of Christ as the replacement of all our human culture so that He could gain the one new man.

The atmosphere was marvelous–full of exercise of the spirit. We also had a young people’s meeting on Saturday night with over 20 young saints from the French-speaking world who are seeking the Lord. Currently two native French brothers are planning to attend the fall 2012 term of the full-time training, and more have expressed an interest in attending the FTTL in the coming year or two.

More is in a report at https://churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.

Budapest, Hungary

The saints in Budapest and Tata [55 miles form the center of Budapest] will begin to regularly meet on Lord’s Day morning with the intention of eventually becoming a golden lampstand in Budapest. Please pray that the Lord will strengthen the saints to be His testimony and will give them a clear vision of the church life on the ground of oneness for the building up of the one Body of Christ in the universe.


  1. Morning revival: Psalms, week 24. The following week (May 7–13) we will repeat Psalms, week 24. May 14 we will start The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery (Thanksgiving conference).
  2. We rejoice to announce to you the establishment of the church in Fontana, in San Bernardino County. The church will have its first Lord’s table on June 3. Praise the Lord, a new golden lampstand will be raised up. Please come to support us for His testimony. Information about location is posted at https://churchinlosangeles.org/prayer. If you plan to attend, send your name and the number going with you to Los Angeles Service Office laserviceoffice@gmail.com.
  3. A report about the Lord’s move in Rome is posted at https://churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  4. A report about the Lord’s move in Slovakia is posted at https://churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.