Local Perfecting Fellowship

These monthly perfecting fellowships were given to the saints in the downtown area of the church in Los Angeles to address particular local needs. While we hope that all the saints in LA would be edified by the speaking, the applicability and implementation may vary from place to place. In The Speciality, Generality, and Practicality of the Church Life, Brother Lee says, “We should not say that a certain way is the best way to practice the church life or that a certain way is the best way to have a local church….[We] are open to the Lord. We do not know how far the Lord will go on. We all have to admit that there is still a big field for us to explore. It may be that after two years something new will be discovered. We should not be so definite, so set” (p. 30). May we be open to the Lord for His leading in our local situations.

Group Meetings, Aug. 2017

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The group meetings are the strength of the church and crucial to the church life. Without the group meetings it is difficult to bear remaining fruit. The main characteristic of the group meetings is mutuality and they provide everyone an opportunity to teach. Since the group meetings should be 80% of the church life we should aspire to be skillful meet-ers and be aggressive to learn.

Praising Training (2), April 2017

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The majority of our time in the Lord’s table should be spent praising the Lord, not simply singing the hymns. Throughout the week the saints are fighting to enjoy the Lord, but when we come to the meeting it may be  easy to fall into a habitual or passive participation. This fellowship gives a practical look at how to follow the flow in the Lord’s table.

Praising Training (1), March 2017

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The Lord’s table meeting is the most important meeting of a local church. This meeting is focused on the Lord as the center and is for His enjoyment. Everything done in this meeting, whether the singing, speaking of hymns, praise, or verses read, should be centered on the Lord and all that He has accomplished. This fellowship helps address some things that may hinder us from functioning in the Lord’s table meeting.