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Encamping in Array and Facing the Tent of Meeting

“The children of Israel shall encamp each by his own standard with the ensigns of their fathers’ households; they shall encamp facing the Tent of Meeting on every side.” (Num. 2:2)

The children of Israel encamping in array typifies God’s redeemed people being consummated as the New Jerusalem. Just as the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21 has four sides, so also the encamping in Numbers 2 had four sides. The New Jerusalem has three gates on each of her four sides, on which are the names of the twelve tribes. Similarly, the twelve tribes of Israel’s encamping in Numbers 2 had three tribes on each of its four sides. This all depicts the scene in eternity, showing that God’s purpose in this universe is to be mingled with man in His Divine Trinity in order to become a unit of government. This unit of government can fight for His testimony. (CS Numbers, msg. 2, II.F.1-6)

That the children of Israel were encamped facing the Tent of Meeting indicates that the testimony of God—the Ark within the tabernacle, which contained the law as God’s testimony—was their unique center and goal. This signifies that Christ, the embodiment of God, is the center and goal of God’s people, who are journeying and fighting for God’s testimony.

The children of Israel encamping around the Tent of Meeting indicates that they were formed into an army to fight for the protection of God’s testimony (the Ark in the tabernacle, typifying Christ and His Body, the church, as the incarnated and embodied God). In the same way, the church today is fighting for the protection of the incarnated God. God in Himself needs no protection, but God in His embodiment needs to be protected by the fighting of the church as a formed, coordinated Body. (Num. 2:2, footnote 3)


The spring term of the Middle-age Training in Anaheim begins March 11. The goal of the training is to foster living, functioning, overcoming members of the Body of Christ for the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose. Lord, release the saints from every restraint, and grace them inwardly to give themselves to begin or to continue this training!

Bibles for America

We are expecting 100,000 copies of the NT Recovery Version to arrive at the BfA distribution center within the next two months. This shipment will replenish our inventory to enable us to meet the never-ending hunger for free Bibles throughout the United States. May the Lord bless all the readers of His interpreted Word with light and life. Please pray for the shipment to arrive on schedule so we can fill the orders without delay.

European University Conference

The Spring European University Conference will take place March 29 to 31 in the Netherlands. Please ask the Lord to release many students to register and attend. Early deadline to register is March 10; late deadline is March 17. The conference subject will be “The Jubilee.”

South Africa

The annual national conference will take place from March 8 to 10 in Pretoria, South Africa. The general subject will be “Living in the Reality of the Body of Christ by Keeping the Principles of the Body” from the recent International Chinese-speaking Conference. Please pray:

  • For the release of the Lord’s speaking;

  • For the participation of saints from the South African Development Community (SADC) region – which includes countries such as Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – not only in the conference but also in one week of short-term training at the FTTP afterwards; and

  • For the Lord to advance the formation and encampment of the army through this conference, that the saints would be built up in vital groups to bear fruit and live out the reality of the Body.


In Kuwait City, over forty saints plus children are enjoying the church life in different geographical districts. Please pray for the saints to continue meeting in small groups and for the church to have weekly gospel meetings. Pray for the spread of the Lord’s testimony to other cities in this country.

A more detailed report with photos, including an update on Sri Lanka, is at:
http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/E-2019-02.pdf (English)
http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Asia-2019-02.pdf (Chinese)


  1. Morning revival: Week 2 of Crystallization-Study of Numbers, vol. 1.

  2. This year’s LA Chinese-Speaking Retreat will be March 29 to 31 in Thousand Oaks.

  3. High School Conferences at Oak Glen: for sisters, March 15 to 17 (registration due March 3); for brothers, March 22 to 24 (registration due March 10).

  4. Memorial Day Conference will be May 24 to 27 in Seattle, WA. Conference and hotel information is at https://churchinlosangeles.org/prayer. Saints from LA attending should RSVP no later than April 28 at http://tinyurl.com/memdayla (adults) and http://tinyurl.com/memchildrenla (children).

  5. Information about Germany and Europe: see https://churchinlosangeles.org/information-about-germany-and-europe