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Taking the Lord’s Yoke upon Us to Find Rest for Our Souls

“Come to Me all who toil and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matt. 11:28-30)

The Lord’s yoke is the Father’s will, and His burden is the work of carrying out the Father’s will. Such a yoke is easy, not bitter, and such a burden is light, not heavy. If we take the Lord’s yoke (the Father’s will) upon us and learn from Him, we will find rest for our souls. The yoke of God’s economy is like this; everything in God’s economy is not a heavy burden but an enjoyment. (The Will of God, msg. 7, I.J,L)

North America College Training

The NACT Online continues this week and concludes with a webinar on Saturday, July 18. Please pray for the Lord to gain all the trainees for their participation in turning the age. Specifically pray that:

  1. the trainees would pray like Samuel’s mother to echo the heart’s desire of God.

  2. the trainees would offer themselves to be today’s Nazarites—to be voluntarily sanctified and separated to God for His purpose by enjoying Christ as the unique Nazarite in their spirit.

  3. the trainees would respond to God’s call to be His faithful priests—to open themselves to the Lord and let Him fill them, saturate them, and be one with them.

  4. the trainees would respond to God’s call to be His prophets—to speak for God and speak forth God to dispense Him to others for the building up of the church.

  5. the trainees would respond to God’s call to be men of prayer—to cooperate with God to pray for the accomplishment of His will on earth.

  6. the Lord would raise up many who would answer His demands and care for Him and His needs so that He may have a way to come in and turn this age of procedures into the age of His heart’s desire.

  7. the Lord would gain a proper response from each trainee, and that His speaking to each trainee would continue to operate effectually in their lives in the days, months, and years after this training.


In the midst of these turbulent times, a fresh burden has stirred in the hearts of the co-workers, leading brothers, and saints in the churches to gospelize, truthize, and churchize North America.

Our Brother Witness Lee considered not only the US as a whole, but, more specifically, Middle America to be most strategic for the Lord’s interest. He hoped that a good number of saints would be led to migrate to many cities and states in America’s heartland, to gain a solid increase for His testimony and bring in a great blessing.

Please pray that many families and full-timers will continue to respond to the call to go to the 10 GTCA cities this year to strengthen the Lord’s testimony in Middle America. Please also pray that all the practical needs would be met for all of those who are in the process of migrating to these cities.

Midwest: Cincinnati, OH; Lexington, KY; Minneapolis, MN; St. Louis, MO
Southeast: Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Memphis, TN; Orlando, FL
Mid-Atlantic: Pittsburgh, PA; Richmond, VA

Prayer for the Current Situation

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and elsewhere, please pray 1) for the Lord to protect all His interests on earth, including the saints and the churches; 2) for the saints and churches to be open to what the Lord will accomplish in a new way during this time; 3) for the saints to persevere in prayer for the Lord’s final move to end this age; and 4) for the gospel of the kingdom to be proclaimed and the hearts of many men to be open to receive it.

Chinese-Speaking Saints’ Perfecting Training

The serving saints’ training is Saturday and Lord’s Day, July 18-19 and Saturday, July 25. The subject is “Living and Serving in the Oneness and the One Accord of the Body of Christ.” The students’ training is Monday to Friday, July 20 to 24. The subject is the same as the college training, “The Intrinsic Significance of Samuel—the Nazarite.”

Please pray that saints will come with an exercised spirit to receive the word and that the Sprint will have an unhindered way to gain us and to prepare us as age turners to bring the Lord back.

Three meetings on July 18 and 25 will be open for all the saints, with English translation; visit http://bit.ly/2020CSPT_infopage_english for details.

Nordic-Baltic Conference

This year’s Nordic-Baltic Conference will take place online from July 17 to 19. This conference is a yearly highlight for the saints in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, as well as for those in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Please pray for the Lord’s speaking and rich supply at the conference and for gospel contacts and newer saints who have been invited to attend.


  1. Morning Revival: The Will of God (March 2020 ITERO), week 7.
    After ITERO week 8 we will begin A Timely Word Concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Recovery (Memorial Day Conference).

  2. Interim Instructions for Giving: Since our meeting halls are still closed, instructions for where to mail checks and options for online giving, which now includes Zelle, are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/members/offerings.

  3. Guidelines for in-person group meetings are posted at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/covid19. We will proceed slowly, cautiously, in loving care for one another.

Online Resources

  1. The Church in Los Angeles has a YouTube channel to show videos from recent gatherings, such as gospel meetings and midweek perfecting fellowships. http://youtube.com/churchinlosangeles

  2. A Timely Word of Supply to meet the present need from messages given by Brother Lee is posted each week on LSM’s website. http://www.lsm.org/timely-speaking.html

  3. The Bible Tells Me So is posting daily videos on weekdays to help foster a “Family Time” in each household. http://www.thebibletellsmeso.com/familytime

  4. LSM Christian Radio broadcasts hymns and messages 24 hours each day. http://lsmchristianradio.com

  5. Bibles for America has easy-to-use resources for telling people about God’s salvation. http://gospel.biblesforamerica.org (English) and http://gospel.bfa.org/es (Español)

  6. GTCA updates ongoing burdens about the ten target cities for migration this year. http://gtca.us

  7. Living to Him provides a forum for helping young working saints to practically enter into a vital living for the building up of the Body of Christ. http://livingtohim.com

  8. Shepherding Words addresses critical issues facing the Lord’s recovery. http://shepherdingwords.com