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Sowing with Blessings

“Now He who bountifully supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed and cause the fruits of your righteousness to increase. You in everything are being enriched unto all liberality, which works out through us thanksgiving to God.” (2 Cor. 9:10-11)

When we sow with blessings to others, we shall reap with blessings from God. Furthermore, the harvest will always far surpass the amount of seed sown. It may be multiplied thirty or even one hundred times. This does not happen miraculously; it takes place according to natural law. God controls the life supply among His children by miracles.

We should sow more and in turn reap more. The goal is not to make ourselves rich. The result is the abounding of thanksgiving to God. I hope that in the time to come many of the saints will become a factor of thanksgiving to God. This means that your giving will abound in much thanksgiving to God. I have the full confidence that if the saints in the Lord’s recovery are willing to give, the recovery will never be lacking in material supply. Instead of lack, there will be abounding in thanksgiving to the Lord through many saints. Therefore, let us all practice our giving, a giving which is carried out by gathering and by sowing. (Life-study of 2 Corinthians, pp. 422, 425-426)

United States

We beseech the Lord as “Head over all things to the church” (Eph. 1:22) to have His way in the United States for the furtherance of His economy and so “that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all godliness and gravity” (1 Tim. 2:2).

SoCal Spanish-speaking Conference

This annual Southern California Spanish-speaking Conference will be held online from Friday evening, January 15 to Lord’s Day noon, January 17. All messages will be given in Spanish and are open to all the saints. Please note that there will be no English translation this year. Schedule, Zoom links, and outlines will be available starting Wednesday at http://www.socalspanish.org.

May the Lord bless this special time with His presence and His up-to-date speaking!

SoCal YP Blending Conference

The Southern California Young People’s Blending Conference will be online from January 15 to 17. May every junior higher and high schooler’s heart be open to the Lord. We encourage all the parents, serving ones and college students, to pray that our young people’s faith toward God, love toward others, and hope in the Lord’s coming would increase day by day.


The Middle-age Training in Anaheim did not have classes in 2020 due to the pandemic. In December they announced that they will not have a spring term in 2021. They hope the general availability of the vaccine will allow a fall term in 2021. Please pray that the Lord will restore the environment to normalcy so that the Middle-age Training can be back in session in the fall of next year.

Bibles for America

The BfA Blog has been redesigned with a new look and a more efficient way to find topics of interest. Searching for posts by category or keyword is now quick and seamless. Blog posts are also now easier to share with the addition of text, email, Facebook, and Twitter icons at the bottom of each post and an icon for copying the URL of the post.

Since April of last year, the BfA Blog has averaged 420,000 page views per month, resulting in a record 4.7 million page views for all of 2020. Please pray that this new design would enable more people to find, read, and share blog posts with others. Also pray that the content presented would encourage blog readers to order a Bible and explore more of the online resources BfA offers.

Dublin, Ireland

Please pray for the migration of burdened saints to Dublin, one of six designated European cities. The capital and largest city in Ireland, Dublin is the city in which the Brethren began to meet, and Brother Nee considered the Brethren to be a fulfillment of the church in Philadelphia. As Europe enters a “post-Brexit” stage, Ireland is the most significant country in the European Union with English as its primary language. This offers English-speaking immigrants an ideal landing spot for entry into the church life in Europe. There are currently 40 saints are meeting as the church in Dublin.

Lord’s Move to Europe

A two-part update on the Lord’s present move in Europe is available as written and video reports at http://amanatrust.org.uk/page/reports.


  1. Morning Revival: Week 5 of Material Offerings and the Lord’s Move. Next week, we start The All-inclusive, Extensive Christ Replacing Culture for the One New Man (Thanksgiving Conference).

  2. Andrew Yu Memorial Meeting: The 70-minute online memorial meeting hosted by the church in Anaheim on January 8 is still available to be viewed at memorial-meeting.org.

  3. Living to Him has released a new podcast series with excerpts from Brother Andrew’s speaking, particularly to working saints, available on all major podcasting services at http://anchor.fm/livingtohim.

  4. Ways to Give: Information on setting up online giving through Subsplash, as well as where to mail checks while our meeting halls are closed, are at https://www.churchinlosangeles.org/members/offerings/.

  5. Radio broadcast in Spanish: El Estudio-vida de la Biblia con Witness Lee is broadcast Mondays through Fridays, 9:00 to 9:30 pm, and Lord’s Days, 6:00 to 6:30 am. LA County 100.3 FM; San Fernando Valley and Ventura County 90.3 FM.