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Our Church Life

In joint meetings November 2008 and December 2011, we stated “Our direction is to build up a vital, group-based, house-to-house church life around campuses and young people with a prevailing testimony of oneness across all languages, halls, and districts.” Our weekly prayer should touch this focus by praying, in whatever direction the Lord leads, for colleges, young people, or homes where we are.

Spanish-English Gospel

Many Spanish speakers in and near Los Angeles have responded to the Life-study radio broadcasts. The majority of these listeners are adults in families that include children and teen-agers who prefer English. Ask the Lord of the harvest to thrust out local saints as workers into this field with good coordination among Spanish-speaking and English-speaking saints for the gaining of many families.


The gospel trips concluded but the burden to gospelize, truthize, and churchize America continues. Saints are continuing to nourish and cherish those who received New Testaments and books by means of appointments, Bible studies, and home meetings. Do pray to afford the Lord a way to reap a harvest of remaining fruit. Pray for

  • the continued openness of those who were contacted,
  • rich supply to those who are shepherding,
  • a few couples to migrate to each of the cities needing a nucleus as a beginning of the church life.

Middle-age Training

The spring term begins March 12. Ask the Lord 1) to add some “late overcomers” to the training, 2) to prepare all the trainees, and 3) to allow the international trainees to enter the U.S. with no hindrances.

Cal State Channel Islands (CSUCI)

The church in Thousand Oaks started to a Bible study on the CSUCI campus about seven weeks ago. We have two saints on campus. Our Bible study is on Matthew and have five or six at the study most weeks. CSUCI, with about 4000 students, is located in Oxnard about twelve miles from our meeting hall.

On March 2 we had our first Bibles for America distribution on campus. Although it was unusually cold and very gusty, we got 7 student contacts. In 45 minutes, we gave out six Bibles and one additional contact wants to be notified for the Bible study. We really praise and thank the Lord that in such weather students were willing to stand by the table and talk to us.

Please pray for the following:

  1. God will anoint our follow-up effort so that some of our contacts will be remaining fruits.
  2. Some students will attend our Bible study from 10:30 to 11:30 AM at the student union every Friday.
  3. The Lord to bless our Bibles for America distribution work which we are planning to hold on campus once a month (next time will be on Friday, March 30 from 9:15 to 10:15AM.
  4. Give us deep enjoyment and understanding of God’s word through Bible study.

Bibles for America

March 10-11, Bibles for America will participate in the fourth annual Tucson Festival of Books. It expects to attract more than eighty thousand participants. Volunteers from the church in Tucson will distribute tracts, Basic Elements of the Christian Life and the Recovery Version of the Bible.

Please pray for:

  • The Lord’s clear move in the city of Tucson and all of Arizona.
  • The prayer, oneness and blending of all the local volunteers, and that their enjoyment of the Lord could be infused into all who stop by.
  • The footsteps of the hungry and prepared ones would be directed to the booth.
  • Some new solid contacts could be made and those who received the ministry material last year would be stirred up to have more contact.


There will be a conference in Portugal March 10-11.


Three readers of the ministry attended the recent conference in Athens. They all want to meet and read the ministry with the local saints. Praise the Lord! The week before, several trainees from London visited Athens, and 3 young people prayed with them to receive the Lord. The week before that, the full-timers from Athens met with 20 ministry readers in Thessaloniki, and the next day they met with 5 more readers whom they had not previously contacted face to face. Please pray that the Lord will gain more homes in Athens and Thessaloniki in which regular meetings can be held to enjoy the Lord through the ministry.


  1. Morning revival: Psalms, week 17.
  2. Five to 10 minute video highlights of the Psalms are posted about once a week at https://churchinlosangeles.org/ministry/psalms/.
  3. The Memorial Day Conference will be Friday night, May 25 through Monday noon, May 28, in Bellevue, Washington. Information is posted at https://churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/. If you will take children, register them with your district by April 30.
  4. An invitation to the spring conference in Israel is at https://churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/. Registration deadline is April 1.
  5. Since 2004 LSM has sent five large containers of used books to Africa and India. These books have been a great blessing to seekers there. LSM continues to collect used ministry books in English for further distributions. They suggest that you remove any personal information before donating the books. Bring books to your meeting hall any time throughout this year.