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“For Jehovah has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His habitation. This is My resting place forever; here will I dwell, for I have desired it” (Psalm 132:13-14).

Jerusalem is built on the top of a mountain. Although Jerusalem is good, it is not the peak. In Jerusalem there is a peak, that is, Mount Zion, on which the temple was built. The good situation in the recovery today is just like Jerusalem. Although we may have a good church life, among us there is almost no realization, no practicality, no actuality, and no reality of the Body life. This is the need in the recovery today. (W.L., Practical Points Concerning Blending, ch. 2)

United States

“The God of our fathers has raised Jesus, whom you slew by hanging Him on a tree. This One God has exalted to His right hand as Leader and Savior, to give repentance to Israel [and the U.S.] and forgiveness of sins.” (Acts 5:30-31) Lord, we ask You to do more as the Leader over this country and over the coming elections that You may be the Savior spreading repentance and forgiveness throughout the United Sates.

Gospel Trips – United States

The 2012 gospel trips in 17 cities across the U.S. began last weekend. Nearly 80 full-time trainees joined saints from in and around these cities to continue laboring in the burden of preaching the gospel, spreading the truth, and raising up churches in North America. Reports from North America are being posted at and

Please pray that:

  • The hungry ones in these cities would find spiritual food in the Word and in the ministry.
  • The many contacts from the campuses and communities would be open to meet with the saints to be further shepherded and that they would develop a taste for the Word and the ministry.
  • The saints in each city would be strengthened into their inner man for their intensified labor during these trips.
  • The Lord would care for every outward situation, including weather, seminar arrangements, and the health and safety of the teams, in order for the truth to spread in North America.
  • The Lord would thrust out His workers into each city to enter into the labor begun with the many open students and homes during these two weeks.

Gospel Trips – Europe, Asia, South America, Africa

The prayer requests above for the U.S. trips apply also to the international trips. Reports from these continents are being posted at A longer report from many nations is at A report from South Africa is at


The saints in London are receiving over 100 new requests for literature each week from the radio broadcast and the Rhema literature distribution. Please pray that many university students, radio listeners, and Rhema recipients will come to the bookshop in central London to have a firsthand view of the ministry publications and face-to-face contact with the saints.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Please pray that the Lord will raise up a lampstand among the seeking ones who have received the ministry publications and that many of them will attend the conference in Athens on 25 February.


Recently we contacted local Christian publishers. We showed a printer a copy of W. Nee’s book. He went to his bookshelf and took out a small book, a Turkish translation of two chapters of the “Normal Christian Church Life.” He said that several of brother Nee’s books have been translated into Turkish mainly from German. He told us that W. Nee’s books are good.

Right now we need to figure out the legal and practical way to publish and distribute our books in this country. Every book sold or distributed in Turkey needs to have a sticker issued by the government. We are planning to visit the printing house again and ask them more details on publication. Please pray for the spreading of His truth in this country.


  1. Morning revival: Psalms, week 13 (winter training). After we finish Psalms we will use The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery (Thanksgiving conference), which we will finish before the summer training.
  2. Saturday night, February 25, will be a joint college meeting at CSUN for all campuses in L.A. Dinner will be provided.
  3. Brothers have posted their personal summaries of the first, second, and third messages of the 2012 International Chinese-Speaking Conference.
  4. Extracts from and links to blogs of the recovery are at