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“For Jehovah has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His habitation. This is My resting place forever; here will I dwell, for I have desired it” (Psalm 132:13-14).

We all have to endeavor to reach this high peak [of Zion within the church life as Jerusalem]…. We surely need to be desperate to pray at any cost and to pay the cost just as the apostle Paul did. We should not have the attitude that we are safe in the Lord because we have sacrificed our future and do not love the world. That is not adequate. (W.L., Practical Points Concerning Blending, ch. 5)

Los Angeles

Lord’s Day morning, February 19, we will blend by languages, English-speaking at Haskell, Spanish-speaking at Haskell (room 5), Korean-speaking at Hall 1, and Chinese-speaking at Hall 3.

“God has blended the body together” (1 Cor. 12:24). May we all come together through the cross (to be saved from our natural life and culture) and by the mingled Spirit (to minister Christ to one another) so that the whole church may enter the reality of God’s blending and be built together more.

FTTA Gospel Trips

The FTTA gospel trips all concluded in recent days. Reports and prayer requests from North America are posted at and The broad needs now are 1) for new people met during these trips to continue their desire for contact, 2) shepherds to contact them regularly, and 3) migrations to these new cities.

Reports, photos, and prayer requests from international destinations are at along with links to longer reports. The broad needs now are 1) strengthening of small localities, 2) growth of the many gospel seeds that were sown, 3) continued shepherding of open contacts, of newly saved and baptized people, and of those who came to homes.

Southern California Co-Workers

The Southern California co-workers are meeting this week from Lord’s Day evening through Thursday night. Lord, lead them into thorough prayer and fellowship to strengthen their one accord for further action and blessing in their many areas of responsibility.

Middle-age Training

The spring term begins March 12. Ask the Lord 1) to free all who have completed one term to continue with their second term, and 2) to lead many more to begin this training. This training is open to many ages, does not require a college degree, and is conducted in four languages. Short-term registration for one week or more is also possible. Details are at

Downtown Joint High School Gathering

Saturday, February 4th, was a gathering of Bible clubs from West Adams High, L.A. High and Virgil Middle School. The Lord greatly blessed the time in numbers, cherishing, and nourishing. A report with photos is at

FTT London

The spring term of FTTL begins this week Monday.


  1. Morning revival: Psalms, week 14 (winter training). After we finish Psalms we will use The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery (Thanksgiving conference), which we will finish before the summer training.
  2. Saturday night, February 25, will be a joint college meeting at CSUN for all campuses in L.A. Dinner will be provided.
  3. The 2012 Spring Russian-Speaking Conference will be in Sacramento March 23-25. The registration deadline is March 4. Details are at
  4. An invitation to the spring conference in Israel is at Registration deadline is April 1.