Local Perfecting Fellowship

These monthly perfecting fellowships were given to the saints in the downtown area of the church in Los Angeles to address particular local needs. While we hope that all the saints in LA would be edified by the speaking, the applicability and implementation may vary from place to place. In The Speciality, Generality, and Practicality of the Church Life, Brother Lee says, “We should not say that a certain way is the best way to practice the church life or that a certain way is the best way to have a local church….[We] are open to the Lord. We do not know how far the Lord will go on. We all have to admit that there is still a big field for us to explore. It may be that after two years something new will be discovered. We should not be so definite, so set” (p. 30). May we be open to the Lord for His leading in our local situations.


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This fellowship touches two areas of our service where we may be lacking. First, although we may have once served fervently, our service at times may be out of duty, obligation, or conscience. Second, our contact with our fellow serving ones may be limited to simply dividing certain tasks, without adequate prayer and fellowship. May we be freshly reminded and recalibrated in our service, that we would serve with  a burden and see the indispensable need for coordination.

Reading the Ministry, Jan. 2019

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In our experience of pursuing the Bible and the ministry if may often seem like we encounter the large giants the  children of Israel saw when they scouted out the good land promised by Jehovah to His people. However, the positive example of Caleb reminds us that Jehovah is pleased with us taking the land; He is definitely going to the take the land for us and fight for us! We should reject all the lies the enemy whispers in our ears because even though we are unable we have One who is able and is for us to claim this land!


The Purpose of the Small Groups (3), Dec. 2018

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In this message we are provided with the opportunity to practice with one another what we have heard from the previous message on facilitating an atmosphere of mutuality through asking crucial questions in our small group to help one another to gain a personal spiritual enlightenment from God. Several saints shared on what they have learned during this practice session. And a common consensus is that “to ask a proper question is more difficult than to answer them.” This requires a continuous practice.


The Purpose of the Small Groups (2), Oct. 2018

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Our attitude and angle when coming to a small group meeting may need to be adjusted. Instead of coming to receive supply we should come as  a channel of supply to the others our group. In addition, our small groups should take place in mutuality, where each one may participate. One specific way to facilitate an atmosphere of mutuality is to ask questions. These questions will allow everyone at  various stages of human life to be engaged in the fellowship, with the goal that each one will have a personal enlightenment from God through His word. This will spontaneously issue in an increasing love for His word.

The Purpose of the Small Groups (1), Sept. 2018

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Acts 2 tell us the purpose of small group meetings is for the Lord to increase in numbers as well as the perfecting each other’s function through the divine supply. However, before these two purposes may be carried out we need to realize that our way of receiving others believers, especially those who are new among us, needs to be adjusted based on Paul’s word in Romans 14 and 15.

Prayer Meeting, June 2018

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The prayer meeting is crucial to our Christian and church life. This is because through our prayer as the church the almighty God has a way to move on this earth. This perfecting fellowship opens up the intrinsic significance of the prayer meeting according to God’s way of moving on this earth, targets obstacles that may hinder us from attending this meeting, and provides four specific helps to praying at the prayer meeting.

Being Perfected to Perfect Others, Feb. 2018

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The goal of perfecting  is not to become super Christians nor to merely excel in our service, but rather it is to build up the Body of Christ. Those who are perfected are being perfected to do the same as the ones who had perfected them. We need a paradigm shift in our view of our service. Our service should bring in perfecting, which is to supply the function of the saints. In this way many will function to build up the Body of Christ.

Lord’s Day Preparation – Day Of, Jan. 2018

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The Lord’s day is for the Lord’s satisfaction and we should be ready to praise and worship our Lord. Throughout the week we should prepare our being to give the Lord the proper worship, but our preparation the day of is of particular importance. This fellowship gives some practical help in what we can do to be prepared to give our Lord the praise the worship that will satisfy Him.

A Small Group Living, Oct. 2017

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The reality of the Body of Christ is a corporate living of the believers living a life mingled with the Triune God. Our small groups are an opportunity for us to have a living that brings in the reality of the Body of Christ and builds up the Body of Christ. To have a small group living we need to have thorough fellowship, consideration, and care for one another. This will enable us to have a genuine and active oneness to gain the increase for the Lord’s sake. We should all go before the Lord to be vital and living personally so we can have this small group living corporately.

Serving the Lord as Stewards, Sept. 2018

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In the gospel of Luke we see that everyone who is saved has the responsibility to serve. Our service should have an element of newness as we are burning in spirit. If we do not have a burden in our service then we will only have activities that are dead and ineffective. Our attitude in our service should be like that of a small business owner, with every detail on heart so that our service will be living and flourishing. We need to be prudent serving our Master.